Get The Best YouTube Comments By Designing Your Channel

best youtube comments

Are you looking forward to comments on your designs on youtube? The following tips can be followed to get a huge number of comments:

1. Your channel should be designed in such a manner that it compliments your content. The best way to do this is to create a custom background. Your background image change could be followed by changing the color scheme and adjusting it accordingly.

2. You could also set up tags for your channel. It is a very nice way to help people to find the content in your video and could be a good solution as to how to get YouTube comments in a widespread manner. It is the best practice to tag the channel with very relevant keywords. This practice is very similar to that of the videos.

3. The most recent viewed videos are displayed in the featured window of the channel page. This would be perfect for some YouTubers who post regularly. However, it might not be a good option for the ones who post on YouTube less frequently. Is the most recent video that is displayed is not the best example of the content of your channel; you should set another video for occupying that particular slot.

4. Once all the videos have been arranged in a proper manner, you should focus on making them look attractive. If you did not pay attention at the time of a uploading of the videos, you could now go back and change the thumbnails of your videos.

5. It is very important to engage with the audience at all times. You should spend a lot of time in reading the comments responding to their queries. If a certain comment is found unnecessary it could be deleted. Sometimes a better option is to contact the person and response to his query rather than commenting in the public which might harm the image.

6. The section of recent activity is another way to get the creator involved. It is a good method for making new connection and remaining aware of the videos that are the most popular. In case you play to buy YouTube comments to become popular in a short span of time, you should be very cautious from the kind of company you are dealing with. It is, nevertheless, a good option.

7. Playlists are a great way for increasing the comments. It could be a group, list of videos that would be playing one after the other. Thus, the world would be watching your video automatically one after another which is a great way to increase the views and comments on the basis of their liking across your channel. These playlists could also be embedded to help the viewers watch all the videos together on your website on your blog.

8. Asking questions to the audience is another way of engaging them. You could also ask for suggestions or engage them in any kind of a discussion. The best YouTube comments could be the ones which throw a light on the important pieces of information about your video and can be carried forward in forms of long discussions.

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