Google Plus Followers to Spread Your Business to New Horizons

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Grow your business outreach with the help of followers on social media such as Google plus. Although, it is easier said than done. Followers just don’t arrive at your convenience, you have to follow certain techniques to get followers.

Here are some of those techniques

1. Personal flavour – Share your business page and related content from your personal profile. This allows your content to reach a more diverse group of people. if it is compelling enough, those people will share the post as well and it will circulate on its own. This is also called “going viral” in today’s internet lingo. Anybody looking to reach a huge amount of people worldwide wishes their content to go viral.

2. The pursuit of hashtags – Trending topics are marked with a hashtag (#) on the internet. These serve as indicators that your post is relevant to the recent trends and hence, attracts more people. You should share your posts with hashtagged topics of interest. Hashtags are known to increase the chances of getting people unfamiliar to your business to see your content.

3. Making it on the list of “Hot and Recommended” – There is such a thing on Google plus as “Hot and recommended “, which is a list of trending popular topics put together by Google. You must aim to get into that list. Lots of people check out that list, so it is a great opportunity to get new followers. Upload something completely unrelated, something that is loosely based on your company but doesn’t look like an advertisement. For example, Memes and GIFs of cats or kittens almost always make it into that list. Post something as fun as that and just pull people towards your page.

4. Make people think that they want to follow you – This basically means asking Google plus users to follow your page, but doing so in disguise of something else. Like, you can create a fun video or a witty meme and post them along with a writing that says something like “follow us for more fun videos and memes”. It is not important why people follow you at first, it is just the first step to make them follow your page by any means necessary (as long as the means are not totally illegal).

5. Dedicated business related circles – This is a simple way to start attracting new people or businesses to follow you. Add people and businesses who have something in common in one circle. When they see themselves in a circle with people and establishments having similarities with each other, they will interact with each other and also are more likely to add you back in one of their circles.

6. The Google plus badge – It is a little button-like embedded link which “follows” your page when it is clicked. This badge must be added in your website and on other pages that depict your business.

It is also common for companies to buy Google plus followers these days. More followers makes their company look more successful.

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