Guiding the Usage of Social Media For Business Purposes

social media for business

An online business covers almost all kinds of businesses. With numerous ways to promote and sell your products on the website, a lot of confusion can arise while charging if a particular way of marketing is worth it or not. This article would be guiding you to use the social network in accordance with your budget as well as your time to boost your online presence.

If you belong to an online store selling tangible products, you should buy social media followers for promoting your business in the following ways:

  1. Facebook: This is the best way to make a fan page uploading photos and updating your business along with interacting with your followers simultaneously. Facebook ads can also help you in advertising your Facebook page or other things which exists online, at a very low budget or another way you can buy real facebook photo likes that will help you make your brand popular with minimal efforts from your side.
  2. Twitter: Blending Facebook with twitter would keep your follow was updated about your new product, sales and discounts on a regular basis. Tweeting meaningful thoughts and quotes would also engaged and increase your twitter followers.
  3. Pinterest: It helps you in showcasing a beautiful imagery grouping your entire product in various categories and displaying your product on the board. An interesting content can be “pin” which will help you to bring your followers together and advertise with a very low cost.
  4. Using consulting services: It refers to Internet marketing, wedding plans, advertising, coaching and counseling. It could also be referred to subscriptions or selling eBooks. It is always good to maintain a different website or a blog in addition with the social media services such as social networking sites.

Methods you should use if you are a Mummy Blogger:

These bloggers like to maintain their respective blog, niches or some favorite topics in accordance with their comfort level. They rely heavily on gathering a lot of subscribers, advertising, followers and readers. They also, at times promote their freelancer work.

  1. LinkedIn: It can be used to update the followers about their own qualifications and the kind of project they are currently working on.
  2. Facebook: Attractive pictures and posts at the various fan pages can be really helpful.
  3. Pinterest: Pictures of handicraft, recipes, children or even their pets could be posted for attracting a lot of followers.
  4. Instagram: This can also be a great tool for keeping the followers updated about the present work.


Methods you should use if you are an article writer:

They should be best in showcasing and promoting their work through the use of social media service provider.

  1. Facebook: Fan pages can again be a great tool.
  2. Twitter: Tweets can be inspiring and engage the followers at all times.


Methods useful for a Photographer:

As they are concerned with pictures, they should focus more on sharing their pictures.

  1. Facebook: It is the best medium for setting up a free portfolio. Photographs can be posted using albums and even fan page.
  2. Pinterest: It is made for photography. Posting categorized photos on the boards would be a great tool.
  3. Instagram: This is another great way to reach the followers and allow them to remain updated with your work.

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