How to Get Followers on Vine : A Guide to Fame

vine followers

It is an undeniable fact that Vine is the new big thing in the social media front on the internet. Vine lets its users post 6 second video clips to convey a message or simply to showcase a funny skit. This platform, when used wisely, can bring a person instant fame. So, you must know how to get active vine followers

Tickling the funny bone

People love to laugh. It is a brilliant idea to post power packed comedy on Vine. The 6 second time frame pushes video makers to edit out all the unnecessary footage and just compile the best of the best funny footage and upload them. Little clips are supposed to go viral if they are hilarious and people will keep watching them and sharing them with friends and family as it does not consume too much of their time, yet, makes them laugh out loud. If you manage to tickle the funny bone, you are sure to get new followers and surreal number of likes on your videos.

Using the hashtag

As Vine is a worldwide platform, you have to create stuff keeping in mind what the latest trends are. Even if your video is fantastic, not many people will find your video if you are a beginner. So, you need to ‘Explore’ and find out what the latest trends in Vine are and in the description of the video hashtag those trending topics so that when people search for videos of the similar trend, your clip shows up. However, to get the ball rolling, it may be a best way to get vine followers.

Fans of the stop motion effect

Stop motion videos can capture a lot of detail while looking cool. It is this cool look that many people are a fan of and if you make beautiful stop motion videos, you are most certainly going to get new followers. A well crafted stop motion video has the potential to go viral.

Parody or remakes

To get the exposure that you desire, you may redo a scene or a vine by a celebrity. This may include a funny take on a serious scene or some other scene with different circumstances. You have to keep in mind to acknowledge the original artist while sharing the video, and also hashtag the word ‘remake’ in the description. If the video is well executed, even the celebrity you are doing a remake of might reach out to you and share your video.

Loopy vines

Another feature of Vine is that when you are watching a certain clip, it will keep playing in a loop. So, some users make good use of it and make such videos which makes it hard for the viewers to understand where the video starts and where it ends. Looping videos are very trippy and often the best liked.

Vine is potentially a very lucrative platform, you may consider to buy Vine followers to get people to take interest in your work. After a while followers will come on there own.

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