Privacy Policy

The privacy policy mentioned here declares the process way by which social web promoter will follow, use, reveal and protect information of users as collected. In this policy, the users’ privacy concerning the obligations and the requirement of the website will be mentioned. This privacy policy is usable to the official page and website with the service, offerings & products provided and given by

Take and Collection of user’s personal data:

There is a possibility that we may demand some personal details when a user is visiting the website for the first time. Sometimes users need to fill virtual form and deliver basic information—data relevant to the cause which has to be given by the user— that can be related to some of the services provided by us at our website. There is also the possibility that users need to deliver a few information regarding the information of YouTube username and channel link. Users are allowed to visit the website whenever they wish to.

Use of Personal Information and Sharing:

We are the owner of any sort of information that has been collected by us over the website. We will only use the information that has been deliberately shared by you with us. Selling, sharing or renting of any sort of data will not be done by us. The only time when we will use the data is when we will clarify some doubts or queries. We have the full authority of the information that the user wants to share with us. There need not be obligations of any sort in that part. There is no chance that we will share any sort of personal information with any third party. We will inform about new services, offers and products via email unless that service is stopped by you.

Random information:

You may deliver random information to us via email letters or even telephonic feedbacks. These information will be used by us for the improvement of our products.


We only give out and send marketing data and information to those users who have signed up for the mailing list. We do not sell the personal information to any other agency for advertisement purpose.


To keep the information safe and sound we take great care and take enhance protection policies. We use advanced security measures to keep the data safe from unauthorized access of the data. All exchange of private data is done via secured communication channel and band that are encrypted, secured and protected with various digital signatures.

Agreement with the terms:

We may draw the conclusion that you are proceeding after you have read and understood the terms and conditions perfectly and properly. If there are any issues regarding the terms and conditions, feel free to inform us via email or stop receiving our services. Your continued usage means that you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.