Refund Policy:

You will be happy to know that if you have chosen us to be your supplier, then you can be rest assured that you have chosen correctly. We are much obliged to deliver the best of services available. As user friendly and irrevocable services are provided to our customers by us, we do not entertain any requests regarding refunds after the deal has been completed. It is expected that the users are well aware before purchasing products from our website. However exceptional conditions are taken into consideration where the customer has suffered some losses. In such conditions, there are some refund policies available for the customers. The policies are as follows:

1. The money will be refunded in case the project is not initiated within seven days after the payment is done. The user can demand full refund within 48 hours of payment if the project is yet to begin. This applicable for non-working as well as weekends. But if the project has been dispatched and the user is willing to cancel it and demand a refund, then the demand will not be entertained.

2. The user can demand for a refund in case of an incomplete project. We will deduct the entire amount and then refund the rest of the amount.

3. The company is not liable to refund if any wrong or false information was given to us by the user.

4. No refund can be done in case of service delivered to the full.

5. Refunds are processed within 7 day period.

6. In case of deletion of any YouTube video, the company is not liable to pay any amount of money as refund. There is the constant risk of purchase of views from any kind of supplier.

It is believed that these were helpful information for future consideration. It is our constant effort to help you enjoy the services provided by us. It is our primary objective to satisfy our customers and our technical team is always eager to help the customers. It is our request that you leave feedbacks so that we can improve our services.