Terms & Conditions:

Ours is an authentic as well as reliable online marketing business holder. We are bound to the laws and rules of the online services so that we can deliver the products and services to the customers in time. We are bound to deliver the best product available on the internet to our customers. That is the reason why we expect the clients to read the terms and conditions that follow so that the relationship made by them are healthy as well as strong for a better future between us.

We expect that you read and agree to the terms and conditions set forth by us before availing the services.

1. We are responsible for the intention that the information being used by you or the data that is available on the website. After reading this the user needs to agree with any sort of error or inaccuracy that may appear in the content of ours. Ours is a legitimate online website that cannot be held responsible for the future consequences of any error or inaccuracies that may exist due to the uses by the users.

2. The online terms and conditions do not have impact on the statutory rights as the consumer.

3. The terms and conditions are liable to change in the future. When such a change occurs, we expect the users to follow the new set of rules and regulations. If there is any issues regarding the changed rule set and the users are not satisfied with the rules, it is advised that the stop receiving further services from us.

4. The website cannot be held responsible for any sort of indirect or accidental damages that have been caused by the services like loss of revenue or loss of profit etc.

5. It is assured that 100% refund will be done if it is found that we are responsible for any loss or damage or failure. If any user desires any sort of refund, then it is advised that they contact us prior to 10:00 P.M. UTC when all the orders for the day are already placed. No sum of money will be refunded once the service has already been started. Every follower or like logs will be used as a proof of the purchase of our service by you. In case of any sort of disputes or any type of dissatisfaction arising after the completion of the order, then we are authorized to recall all the followers from the user’s account.

Price and Payment options:

There is a possibility that despite all the efforts put by us, some services are wrongly priced on our website. But that won’t be an issue as we will strictly verify the prices prior to dispatching the services to the customers. If the cost of the product is less than the mentioned value on our website, then we will positively charge the actual price before dispatching the orders. In case of opposite situation where the real price is more than the stated value then we will contact you via phone and notify of the error or cancel the order and inform of the reason for the cancellation of the order. The payment gateway used by us is Paypal and the name of the merchant email is admin@social-media-sites.com.

It should be notified that that any content, technology or product may be subjected to intellectual property rights.